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NAME1, NAME2, NAME3 are trade names of COMPANYNAME.

Social Media

COMPANYNAME is not responsible for what is mentioned by employees, customers and third parties on their personal social media pages.

Links with other web sites /third party information

This website contains links to external web pages. COMPANYNAME is not liable for the use or the content of web pages to which a link is included on this website or web pages on which a link is included to this website. Our Cookie and Privacy provisions do not apply to personal data of you on or via this external websites are collected and processed.

You are allowed to install on your own website a link to a page of the website of COMPANYNAME. The web page on which the hyperlink status must completely disappear or the web page of COMPANYNAME must open in a new window. The URL address of COMPANYNAME should be clearly visible. COMPANYNAME is not responsible for information provided by third parties on our site. If someone creates an action on the platform for the action of COMPANYNAME or place a reaction by one of the actions, reserves COMPANYNAME the right to remove that contribution from the site.

Property Rights

Unless otherwise indicated, belong all rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, on the website and the information to COMPANYNAME. Visitors may consult the website and the Information and make copies for their own use, for example, to reproduce a cope or to save for their own use. Any other use of the website or of the information, for example, the save or reproduce (part of) the website of COMPANYNAME in another web page is not allowed without the express written permission of COMPANYNAME.

Sending unsolicited ideas

In case you unsolicited ideas and/or materials, including, but not limited to, texts, images, sounds, software, or information (the "Materials") on this website or send this to COMPANYNAME via email or otherwise, will COMPANYNAME have the right to use materials, copy, and/or to exploit commercially, in the broadest sense, without a fee, and COMPANYNAME will not be kept on the Materials to keep secret. You hereby indemnify COMPANYNAME in respect of all damage that is suffering and all costs which COMPANYNAME makes in respect of claims of third parties that the use and/or the operation of the Materials infringe (intellectual) property rights of third parties or otherwise is illegal to a third party.